Aeroplane Monthly 1979-03
J.Corlett - One good turn
The Hawker Sea Hawks of the School of Aircraft Handling, RNAS Culdrose (HMS Seahawk), fire their cartridges in unison during the “At Home” day in July 1960.
Prop-swinging goes all the way back. Here, two EAA members start the Association's newly-completed reproduction of the 1903 Wright Flyer.
A Parnall-built Avro 504K takes advantage of the Hucks.
Двигатель "Хинда" можно было завести ручкой (с помощью инерционного стартера)
“Winding up the elastic” - hand starting the Kestrel X engine of Hawker Hind K6818. Note the unstable position of the “erks”
An Armstrong Whitworth Atlas Trainer awaits a swing in the Middle East.
A Gloster Grebe displaying the black bars of Hawkinge-based No 25 Squadron along its fuselage is ministered to by a Hucks starter.
Nieuport Nighthawk J6927 has its Jupiter engine started during tropical Service trials in the Middle East about 1923.
GENTLE PERSUASION: Staging the "Lynx" engine on one of the C.U.A.S. Avro 504's by means of a Hucks starter.
A 504N of the Cambridge University Air Squadron, has the Hucks shaft mated to the dog in its spinner.
A CUAS 504N’s Lynx coaxed into life by a Hucks starter at Netheravon in July 1934.