Aeroplane Monthly 1979-06
C.Andrews - The one and only BAC Vimy
An uncovered outer wing panel.
The completed port upper outer wing panel at Weybridge.
The assembled tail surfaces.
The seventh of eight propeller laminations is glued up before being clamped into the jig in the foreground. Each lamination was made from inch-thick mahogany.
Alcock and Brown’s original aircraft.
G-AWAU in flight at the 1969 Paris Aero Show.
The transatlantic Vimy originally had a wheel in place of the normal nose skid, but this was removed before the flight. The view here can be compared with the shot of Alcock and Brown’s original aircraft,
The fuselage structure.
The replica's immaculate cockpit, complete with Edwardian engine switches.
Disaster strikes at Ringway, Manchester, on July 14, 1969. In the picture on the top the fire can be seen starting on the leading edge of the port lower main-plane, just behind the second strut from the tip. The next view shows the wing well alight, and the fire spreading outwards and upwards.
The port upper wing structure still burning. Note that the aircraft had been given military markings by this time.