Aeroplane Monthly 1979-07
R.Riding - Grahame-White G.W.E.6 Bantam /British pre-war ultralights/
The G.W.E.6A, dwarfed by the G.W.E.9 Ganymede bomber at Hendon in 1919.
The two photographs right and lower right show the G.W.E.6A in its original form, with flat-topped rudder and curved centre-section cutout. Note the ailerons on the upper wing only.
View of G.W.E.6, K-150, finished in yellow with blue trim.
Two Bantams, with K-153 in the background, lined up for the start of the Fourth Aerial Derby at Hendon on June 21, 1919.
The G.W.E.6A with revised rudder
The G.W.E.6A Bantam, G-EAFL, at Shoreham after being acquired by F. G. Miles in 1926. Note the Gnat Aero Company logo on the fin.
Grahame-White GWE.6 Bantam