Aviation Historian 27
"Bit draughty for a state-of-the-art fast jet” - BAe test pilot Keith Hartley goes for the full open-top experience in Panavia Tornado XZ630, the 12th pre-production example, during “cockpit habitability”/escape-system trials in 1988.
Two views of the LIPNUR SU-200 Sikumbang preserved in the Indonesian Air Force Museum at Yogyakarta.
Percival Pembroke roof-bumps decoded at last. Tom Singfield sent the two photographs LEFT and RIGHT of N46EA at the Gatwick Aviation Museum at Charlwood on the West Sussex/Surrey border, while RAF Museum Cosford assistant curator Claire Carr provided the image MIDDLE from the cockpit of the museum’s example, WV746, showing its ADF, DME and ILS/VOR kit.
Ailerons don’t come stranger than Mercier - both in principle and in practice on the SNCASE SE.1010.