Air Enthusiast 1998-03
K.Conboy - Wings Over the Land of a Million Elephants
RLAF T-6, circa 1961.
RLAF T-28C at Udorn RTAFB. During exceptionally heavy fighting in 1970, Lao aircraft were given permission to remain at Thai bases overnight. The slide-in 'placard' carrying the roundel can be discerned - quick change nationality!
A T-28 at Long Tieng airbase prepares to depart on a bombing run, early 1970s. On many occasions, the battlefield was no further than the far side of the ridge visible in the background
A USAF major prepares to board a T-28 at Wattay, July 1966. By that time, members of the US Air Attache’s office had received permission to fly weather reconnaissance missions over northern Laos. During such sorties, they used the same T-28s allocated to the Fireflies, the only difference being placards with miniature USAF markings put on the sides of the fuselage.
Трофейный T-28, на котором пилот Нгуен Ен Ба одержал первую воздушную победу ВВС ДРВ, сбив 16 февраля 1964 г. транспортный C-123 VNAF.
In September 1963, an RLAF T-28B, piloted by renegade Lt Chert Saibory, was flown to North Vietnam. Repainted in North Vietnamese markings, its tail number - 963 - reflects the month and year of its unexpected arrival
A Lao-marked T-28 wreck at the end of the Nakhang runway, 1965. At the controls was an Air America pilot who had been participating in a search-and-rescue operation over northeastern Laos; he emerged unscathed
The first RLAF AC-47 arrives in September 1969. This aircraft, along with all subsequent gunships, was repainted in the standard USAF camouflage scheme
RLAF AC-47 with the miniguns removed and placed in storage, circa 1974.