Air Enthusiast 1998-03
D.Vlad - Out of the Ashes
‘White 001’, the first prototype IAR-93. This aircraft was lost on September 20, 1979, due to a flame-out - the pilot ejected safely.
IAR-93B ‘White 238’ at IAv Craiova, June 1990.
IAR-93B ‘Black 200’ at Baneasa, June 1995.
IAR-316B ‘Black 49’ of the Romanian Police at Targu Mures-Vidrasau, May 1994.
IAR-316B ‘White 36’ in tactical camouflage at Otopeni, 1990.
Another two-seater conversion, the Yak-23DC.
IAR-330 ‘White 08’ at Targu Mures-Vidrasau, May 1994. Note forward-firing gun pods.
A spirited display by IAR-330A 187 (c/n 36) prior to delivery to the UAE, May 1994.
Retired Romanian Air Force BN-2A ‘Black 130’ at the Aviation Museum, Otopeni.
IAR-317 Airfox helicopter gunship during early flight trials, autumn 1983.
Used and new IAv Bacau Yak-52s have become very popular with private owners in Europe and to a lesser extent in North America. In 1985 AE’s sister journal ‘FlyPast’ sponsored former DOSAAF ‘Yellow 15’, appropriately registered as G-CCCP for airshow and fly-in appearances.
Yak-52 1500 prior to delivery to the USSR in June 1990.
Focsani-based Romanian Air Force Yak-52 ‘Grey 38’ starts up ready to display at Baneasa in June 1995.
The first Westernised Yak-52, the Condor, at the Aerostar factory, 1992.
The ninth Rombac 1-11, YR-BRI, at IAv Bucuresti - later Romaero.
A two-seat conversion of the IAR-80 - the IAR-80DC - ‘White 425’ after a belly-landing. Note that the forward cockpit did not have a canopy
Second prototype Ka-126 built by ICA, with agricultural spraying equipment, at the Bucharest International Fair, 1989.
Prototype IAR-825 Triumf.
The sole ICA-built IAR-831 Pelican, YR-IGA.
Model of the IAR-101 turboprop trainer project.
IAR-99 Soim ‘White 709’, one of two aircraft fitted with US instrumentation, with an array of stores, at Baneasa.
IAR-99 Soim (one-time designated IAR-109) with IAI Lahav updated systems at Baneasa, June 1995.
Avioane IAR-99.
Line-up of four RG-7 Sioms, winter 1957-58.
YR-RGU, the first Rg-7A Soim II single-seater - with forward sited cockpit.
Fifth Rg-7C Soim III single-seater - with rearward sited cockpit.
IFIL Reghin Rg-7 Soim with Rg-7C Soim III inset.
The first aircraft designed and built in Romania post-1945, the one and only IAR-811 of 1949.
The developed IAR-813 entered series production. ‘Red 74’ is preserved by the Aviation Museum.
IS-28B2 YR-317, May 1994.
IAR-821B YR-UAA, a two-seat version of the IAR-821 agricultural aircraft
Third IAR-827 Dacic, YR-MGC, in front of the hangars at IAv Bucuresti.
IAR-828 YR-IGZ over Poiana Brasov.
Fifth IRMA-built IAR-822, YR-MCE.
Camouflaged IAR-823 ‘White 01’ on display at the MNN in Bucharest.
The prototype IAR-823, in 1973 just prior to painting in the last letter of its registration, YR-MEA.
IAR-823 in military configuration.
Fifth IAR-824 built, YR-ISF, at Suceava, July 1997.
Some IAR-824s were built with tailwheels, for glider towing, YR-BVA illustrated.
The only IS-23A utility aircraft, YR-ISA. This was the first postwar aircraft of all-metal construction
ICA Ghimbav IS-23A.
IAR-817S YR-ASD, almost certainly the fourth IAR-817 built
The IAR-818 was used for several roles, including crop dusting
YR-AGN, the only IAR-818H floatplane, on the Black Sea.
The sole IAR-814, used in 1961 for a series of record-breaking flights
MR-2 twin YR-MRE in the service of Aviasan, flying over the Carpathians. This aircraft was lost in May 1971 near Targu Mures.
URMV-3 MR-2.
Only known photograph of the RM-12 canard.
IS-3d YR-954 pole-mounted at Piatra Neamt. It was destroyed in the 1980s during a storm.
Only known photo of the unflown Rg-8H1 Tantar helicopter.
IFIL Reghin Rg-8H1 Tantar.
An impression of the project IAR-90 executive jet.
Impression of the NOGA VI business jet from an IAR brochure
First prototype IAR-35 aerobatic glider.
The one-off LIA-88 Soim, appropriately registered YR-LIA.
IAR-109 Phoenix utility aircraft project.
IAR AG-6 during rough field trials, 1989.
IAR-95ME two-seat jet fighter project.
IAR-705 turboprop airliner project.
Norwegian-registered IS-28M2 (c/n 43).
The IAR-28MA light aircraft, derived from the IS-28M2 motorglider.
IAR-46 of 1993, a development of the IS-28M2 motor-glider.
IAR-34 tandem-seat motor-glider.