Air Enthusiast 1998-07
P.London - From Seagull to 'Shagbat' (2)
Pleasing study of Mk.I W2766. First issued in 1941, it survived the war to be resold to the manufacturer in October 1946.
Walrus II Z1804 of the Ship’s Flight, HMS ‘Venerable’, getting ready to be craned aboard in early 1946.
Walrus I ‘Boojum’, G-AHFL (formerly L2246) aboard the factory ship ‘Balaena’, 1946. Its undercarriage was later removed to improve endurance.
Underside of a Mk.II showing bomb racks and the undercarriage location.
Mk.I L2334 ‘A9K’ and another example formate. The nearer aircraft is wearing the markings of 710 Squadron
Another view of Z1804, this time lumbering off the bow of ‘Venerable’, April 1946.
Walrus II HD925 ‘PV-S’ of 275 Squadron RAF, but note the ‘Royal Navy’ legend above its serial number
Royal Navy Walrus lacking decipherable serial or coding, at Gambut during 1942. The usual water-rudder has been replaced by a tailskid.
Walrus ‘ZE-L’ of 293 Squadron provided ASR for the Italian coasts until 1946.
The Irish Air Corps acquired three Walrus Is and used their ‘B Condition’ flight test identities as their serial numbers. N20, delivered in March 1939, was written off in September 1942.