Air Enthusiast 1998-07
K.Wixey - Triple One Lineage (2)
War booty - w/nr 701152, an ’H-23 fast transport. Now on show at the RAF Museum at Hendon, it is illustrated at Henlow in the mid-1960s.
An early He 111H series, D-AYWQ, with Jumo 211A-1s. Note that the pilot’s windscreen is raised - normally used only for landing in bad visibility.
He 111H-10, with 20mm cannon in nose, modified dorsal gun position (MG 81Z fitting), remotely-controlled MG 17 gun in extreme tail and all-internal bomb stowage.
Luftwaffe He 111P about to touch down.
Side profile of an He 111H-6, a version used in substantial numbers.
Close-up of the torpedoes in place.
He 111H-6 ‘BK+CA’ releases one of its two anti-shipping torpedoes.
He 111H-6 in Romanian Air Force colours as No 52 and with Jumo 211s.
A pair of He 111Ps with DB 601As, highlighting the unbroken top fuselage contour after deletion of stepped cockpit and revised nose glazing.
He 111H-1 flying in RAF markings as AW177.
Bombs away, Luftwaffe He 111H style, circa 1940-41.
Believed to be a view of the Salvage and Repair Depot at Cowley, workers at work reducing a sea of former Luftwaffe types to produce. Two He 111s to the centre.
Top to bottom: He 111E-3, similar to the ’D, but with Jumo 211A-1s. He 111F-1 with straight tapered wing. He 111J-1, as the ’F-4 but with DB 6000CG. He 111P with the redesigned nose. He 111H series. He 111H-8 cable-cutter.
Top to bottom: He 111H-10, ’H-11 or ’H-12. ’H-11/R1 had twin MG 81 beam guns. ’H-12 had ventral gondola removed for carriage of a Hs 293A missile. He 111H-16 late ‘standard’ bomber. ’H-16/R1 had electrically-powered gun turret; ’H-16/R2 was a glider tug with rigid towing arm. Nose carries FuG radar, representative of the ’H-15. ’H-18 with flame dampers on the exhausts and flash suppresser on the nose-mounted MG FF cannon. He 111H-22 with V-1 (FZG-76). He 111Z-1 Zwilling. CASA 2.111D with Merlin 500-29s.
Top to bottom: He 111V8, three-view of the He 111P-2; He 111P-6.
Top to bottom: He 111H-1; He 111H-3; He 111H-6; He 111H-11; He 111H-12; He 111H-16; He 111H-18; He 111H-21; He 111H-22.
Views of the He 111H-8 balloon barrage cable-cutter, showing the two versions evaluated.
Самолет-буксировщик Хейнкель He 111Z "Цвиллинг"
The incredible He 111Z in which two He 111-6 bombers were joined together by a new wing section carrying a fifth engine.
He 111Z Zwilling ‘coupled’ glider tug.
T8B-97 ‘462-04’, a CASA-built, Merlin 500-20 engined transport version for the Spanish Air Force, on show at the Museo del Aire at Cuatro Vientos.