Air Enthusiast 1998-07
S.Huertas - Targets of Opportunity
Formation of two MB.326GBs and two MB.339As. The former type did not take an active part in the war.
Composite MB.339A on display at the Falklands Exhibition, Fleet Air Arm Museum, Yeovilton, 1983. Behind is FMA Pucara A-522.
A 1a Escuadrilla de Ataque MB.339A at Punta Indio NAS showing armament options.
After use by Rolls-Royce in JPATS development work, the captured MB.339A is now displayed at Filton.
MB.339A ‘4-A-113’ in prewar colours of red and white. This particular jet was lost on May 3,1982 on approach to Stanley.
Macchi ‘4-A-115’ on readiness at Stanley airfield, armed with two 30mm DEFA cannon pods and eight 5in ‘Zuni’ rockets in two pods. In front are Argentine Marines, charged with providing security.
Remains of Lt Benitez’s MB.339A after it had crashed on May 3.
Beech King Air 200s of the Escuadrilla de Reconocimiento provided logistics support, personnel transport and acted as ‘mother ships’ for the deployment of MB.339As and T-34C-1s to the Falklands.