Air Enthusiast 1998-07
S.Flores - Los Bristols en Mexico
Groundcrews starting up a F.2b 25 at Balbuena airfield Mexico City. The aircraft part of the 3/o Escuadron of the 1/o Regimiento Aereo.
Tte PA Severiano Pulido Ortiz in front of a Mexican F.2b.
An F.2b of 2/o Escuadrilla, without its engine cowling. Its pilot, Capt Ho PA Antonio Damn Gonzalez, poses at the wingtip. His name is carried under the gunner’s position. Of interest is the ‘2’ painted on the rudder’s horn balance.
Six F.2bs at the aviation workshop, being assembled after their arrival in Mexico City.
An excellent shot of the engine compartment of a Mexican F.2b, showing good detail of the engine and bomb racks.
Unknown Mexican pilot and his dog in front of an F.2b of the 1/o Escuadrilla, showing the bomb racks under the wings - what of the cloth attached to them? The pilot on the right is possibly Mayor PA Gustavo G Leon commander of the escuadrilla.
F.2bs 27 and 28 being wheeled by a line-up of Vought O2U-2Ms and Douglas O-2Ms, after the 1929 Escobar rebellion, and the formation of the 1/o Regimiento Aereo, at Balbuena airfield.
In-flight shot from another F.2b of one from the 3/o Escuadrilla.
A view of Balbuena airfield, outside the then Mexico City, showing two F.2bs of the 2/o Escuadrilla, with three Douglas O-2s in the background.
View of 1/o Escuadrilla, under the command of Major Gustavo G Leon, showing a Boarhound, two Bristols and a Avro Anahuac (504).
A crashed F.2b of the 3/o Escuadrilla, after wing removal, ready to be taken to repair shops. Possibly at Balbuena airfield.
Boarhound II, possibly of the 1/o Escuadrilla.
Personal mount of then Tte Col (Lt Col) PA Pablo L Sidar commander of the 1st Air Regiment. It carries his name underneath the gunner’s position.
Boarhound of Capt Rivera confirmed showing its reconnaissance role, with a crew of three.
An unidentified Mexican pilot in front of a Boarhound II. Note the upside down Mexican AF insignia painted on the bottom wings.