Aeroplane Monthly 1981-04
R.Nesbit - Navigator's progress (2)
A 42 Squadron Beaufort crew is seen donning flying kit and flotation jackets prior to an attack on the Prinz Eugen before taking off for the North Sea and Norway in May 1942.
The pilot's seat. Note button on left of control column for firing the Browning .303 mounted on the port wing.
The early Beauforts were equipped with a single Vickers K .303 machine gun in the mid-upper, or dorsal turret. In 1941 an additional Vickers K was positioned in the waist hatch. Later on, fire power was increased by the installation of two Vickers Ks in the dorsal turret.
The mid-upper turret in a Beaufort II, with two Browning machine-guns. The turrets of the Beaufort Is in 42 Squadron were fitted with two Vickers K guns in August 1941. The single Vickers K gun in the port entry hatch was manned by the wireless operator in combat. Another Vickers could be mounted in a starboard position, manned by the navigator.
The pilot's seat, looking towards the sergeant navigator, seated by his chart table in the nose. The Beaufort was so noisy that pilot and navigator had to use the intercom, even at this short distance.