Air International 2007-01
B.Archer - North American F-100 Super Sabre /Aircraft profile/
North American F-100A, 53-1590 of the Arizona-based 162nd Fighter Interceptor Squadron, one of three Air National Guard units equipped with this variant. Note the 231 Imp gal fuel tank that was later stretched with a 28in plug to increase its capacity to 279 Imp gal.
North American F-100C, 54-1800, of the 333rd Fighter-Day Squadron/4th Fighter-Day Wing from Seymour Johnson AFB, North Carolina. Note the unusual weapons load of two Mk.117A bombs and two rocket pods.
North American F-100D, 56-3176, assigned to the Wing Commander of the 474th Tactical Fighter Wing at Cannon AFB, New Mexico, in markings representing the Wing’s 428th Tactical Fighter Squadron (blue), 429th TFS (yellow), 430th TFS (red) and the 478th TFS (green). Note the 167 Imp gal drop tank on the outer wing pylon that could contain fuel or napalm.
North American F-100D, 56-3338, of the 36th Tactical Fighter Squadron/8th Tactical Fighter Wing based at Itazuke, Japan.
North American F-100D, 55-2950, with non-standard buzz number amended to highlight the 50th Tactical Fighter Wing based at Hahn AB, West Germany. Note the larger 279 Imp gal fuel tank.
North American F-100F, 58-1221, was one of seven Super Sabres converted to the Wild Weasel anti-radar, defence suppression role during the Vietnam War. These aircraft could detect and locate hostile radars and then attack the sites with their own bombs and rockets.
Sixth F-100C 53-1714 wearing a high-visibility white and orange colour scheme denoting assignment to the Air Force Flight Test Center at Edwards AFB, California. It is pictured flying over sparse terrain near its home base early in its career.
F-100D 55-3644 of the 20th TFW based at RAF Wethersfield, Essex, seen overflying the Alps circa 1960. Note the triple squadron colour applied to the fin representing each squadron in the Wing.
Armourers prepare F-100D, 55-3722, for a combat sortie from Phu Cat Air Base, South Vietnam. The aircraft was hit by 37mm anti-aircraft fire and crashed near Hue on July 14, 1968. The pilot ejected and was rescued.