Air Pictorial 1957-03
R.Cross - The A.W.Siskin
Самым известным из гражданских вариантов самолета был, вероятно, G-EBJQ - гражданский Mk III, выигравший в 1925 году гонки на Королевский кубок, показав скорость 243,7 км/ч.
Siskin III as flown in the 1924 King's Cup Race;
R.A.F. Siskin III single-seat fighter, first service version;
Siskin III two-seat trainer of R.A.F. College, Cranwell;
Siskin IIIA of No. 32 Squadron.
A No. 41 Squadron machine. Its colour scheme is: Overall silver dope finish except for dark green front cowling and decking; red bar on fuselage sides and top wing; individual plane letter in white on front cowling both sides; black serial number on rudder and outlined in white on fuselage red bar; black serials beneath lower wings, facing forward on starboard wing, rearward on port wing; wheel discs red (flight colour).
The Siddeley Siskin prototype with A.B.C. radial engine