Air Pictorial 1957-03
Air Pictorial's photo-review
Now succeeded by the A3D-2 Skywarrior in U.S. Navy VAH squadrons, Douglas A3D-1s are now being converted into flying tankers using the British-developed Flight Refuelling hose system.
Another view of the Boundary Layer Control research Cessna Model 319A (N37880).
Still bearing Arabic lettering, a relic of its November 1955 Arabian airlift as G-AOEK, this second production Blackburn Beverley C.Mk. I (XB260) is now on winterisation trials at Namao, Edmonton, Canada.
Italian Army A.O.P. Piper L-21B ("EI"-Esercito Italiano), one of many Army L-21s on the civil register.
Colourful Bristol Freighter Mk. 21 (ABI-3), belongs to R.A.A.F.'s 86th Transport Wing, Canberra. Ex-WB484 (c/n. 12807), ex-G-AIMR. Red nacelles, blue fuselage band, white tail.
Compare this V.I.P. conversion Lockheed-Vega Ventura with Lodestar civil counterpart. Markings are South African Air Force.
A venerable Douglas DC-2 transport of the Finnish Air Force (serial DO-1; DO-2 is DC-3)
A rare Chilean-registered Lockheed Model 18-56 Lodestar (two 1.200-h .p. Wright Cyclones).
A pre-war de Havilland D.H.94 Moth Minor (c/n. 94020) two-seater (90-h.p. Gipsy Minor I), owned by Cercle Aerophile Geneve. Sole Swiss D.H.94.
Swiss Dornier-built Bucker Bu 131B (c/n. 7) two-seater of the Aero-Club Suisse. Note Swiss national markings on rudders.
A beautifully maintained Stinson SR-9F Reliant four/five-seater (c/n. 5707, ex-NC17194) - one of four impressed by U.S.A.A.F. in 1942 as UC-BIE. Power: 450-h.p. P. & W. R-9B5-AN-1. Built, summer 1937.
Two British-built B.A. Eagle II three-seaters are still flying in Australia - VH-ACN and VH-UUY (c/n. 128). Power: 130-h.p. D.H. Gipsy Major I.
A Cartierville-based de Havilland D.H.80A Puss Moth (CF-AVC) three-seater. Compare with Australian D.H.80A.
A "midnite blue"-painted Grumman UF-1 Albatross amphibian (BuAer. 142361) bears the inscription "United States Naval Attache to Norway" on the nose.
Revised, third Anderson Greenwood AG-14 two-seater, with pusher 90-h.p. C-90, N3902K has wing root intakes.
An exclusive Harold G. Martin photo of a rare (Bolivian) registered Caribbean Traders Husky Mk.II (Convair L-13A) two/eight-seater.
Modern tri-motors are rare. This de Havilland DHA-3 Drover 2 is one of three for Fiji Airways' (VQ-FAO, 'P and 'Q) six/eight-seaters. Power: three 145-h.p. D.H. Gipsy Major 10 Mk. 2s.
Italian Air Force A.S.R. amphibia, the Piaggio P-136L (MM80076).
Italian Air Force A.S.R. amphibia, the rounded-fin, earlier P-136 (MM56702). Note air rescue wing markings.
Two Danish-built, Finnish-registered. four-seat KZ-VII Laerken (Larks) rarely seen on floats.
Even older is this Australian-designed Genairco three-seater, VH-UOD (c/n. 14) of early 1930s. Power: Gipsy Major III. A third Genairco still flying has enclosed front seats like Fox Moth.
A home-built single-seat Pou-de-Ciel at Eastleigh was badly damaged. November 1956.