Air Pictorial 1957-10
Photos by request
From a South African reader comes this rare photo of a hitherto unpublicised U.S. Navy anti-submarine prototype, the Grumman AF-3S (BuAer serial 129243) - a logical development of the AF-2 Guardian. Other details not available
EARLY-MORNING WARMING-UP. So far we have been unable to identify this squadron of Bristol Fighter Mk. IIs ("Brisfits") photographed in Iraq, circa 1924. The Mk. II had tropical radiator and oversize, desert-use tyres. Note star marking on fins.
Although usually classed as a contemporary of the Fairey Battle, the Hawker Henley was designed to a later specification (P.4/34), which was secured by the Fleet Air Arm development, the Fairey Fulmar. Thus the Henley two-seat light bomber (one 1,030-h.p. Rolls-Royce Merlin II) was relegated to target-towing duties as the TT. Mk. III of 1939. Several Henleys served as flying test-beds: (photo) the all-silver first prototype of 1937 was re-engined with the experimental Rolls-Royce Vulture twenty-four-cylinder X-type motor.
A production Henley III (L3414), was re-engined with a Rolls-Royce Griffon IIB. Note differences in undercarriage and canopy detail.
The world's largest troop and cargo carrier, the singular Convair C-99 (six 3,000-h.p. P & W. R-4360-25 pusher radials) has recently been declared surplus and is for sale. Potential buyers should note that the C-99 of 1947 can lift 100,000 lb of freight or 400-plus "tourist-class" passengers. A.u.w. 265,000 lb.; maximum speed 300 m.p.h.; span 230 ft. and length 182 ft. 6 in. Methods of entry include under the rear and forward fuselage and as illustrated.