Aeroplane Monthly 1982-01
E.Ackery - Tales of an Indifferent Naval pilot (3)
A Short 184 on the slipway. The twin exhaust stacks leading up from outside the manifolds denote a 275 h.p. Sunbeam Maori III engine. Note the array of two gallon petrol cans and a couple of bombs lying on the sand.
The Short 184 served in large numbers with the RNAS and was the first aircraft ever to sink an enemy ship at sea with a torpedo.
The Short 320 was designed to carry an 18-inch, 1,000lb torpedo beneath the fuselage. When loaded with a torpedo the aircraft was flown from the rear seat.
Short 184 (225 h.p. Sunbeam)
One of the Newhaven Fairey Campanias has just returned from a patrol. Note the pilot at far right having a piggy back ride thus keeping his feet dry. Note the experimental silencer.
Fairey Campania N2377 fitted with a Maori III engine.