Aeroplane Monthly 1982-01
F.Adkin - Six Six Three - AOP (1)
Capt Gooding running up No 1951 Flight’s Auster A.O.P.6 VX121 at Ringway in 1956.
A very low level air-to-air shot of a Middle Wallop Auster A.O.P.6 taken during a training exercise near Salisbury Plain, Wiltshire in July 1952.
Some idea of the Auster A.O.P.6's short landing capabilities is evident from this photograph of TW568 lobbing onto an aerodrome perimeter track, July 1952.
Auster A.O.P.6 VW996 was later converted to a T.10.
An A.O.P.6 demonstrates the technique of small field landing. Note the landing T indicating the wind direction.