Aeroplane Monthly 1982-01
A.Ord-Hume - Isn't it time we stopped poo-poohing the pour Pou? (1)
Evolution: After a crash the machine was rebuilt with the engine lowered and partly enclosed, and the radiator in the nose of the fuselage.
Stephen Appleby obviously delighted with the performance of his re-built Flea, modified by L. E. Baynes and powered by a repositioned 30 h.p. at Carden-Ford engine, Heston in August 1935.
Bereted Henri Mignet sitting behind a whining Aubier et Dunne, whilst the French crowd stand transfixed with amazement.
Before the beginning of the Light 'Plane Movement, a glider meeting was held at Itford Hill in Sussex. This was won by a Frenchman, M. Maneyrol, who is seen here during his flight of more than three hours.
View of the tandem winged Peyret glider at Itford in October 1922. The record flight of 3hr 21min ended with a perfect landing in total darkness.