Aeroplane Monthly 1982-02
A.Ord-Hume - Isn't it time we stopped poo-poohing the pour Pou? (2)
The Abbott-built Pou G-AEJD covered with wool tufts and flown by Stephen Appleby. Most of the port half of the front wing is stalled due probably to a certain amount of sideslip.
The most powerful Pou extant - Kohler's 40 h.p. Salmson-engined machine. The fact that the split-type undercarriage considerably raises the centre of gravity must make ground control rather a ticklish process.
The German-built “Lerche” was powered by a 45 h.p. Salmson radial engine and is seen here at Orly in October 1935.
The Perman-Ford powered Perman Pou, G-ADPX, seen performing for the "movie" cameras at a meeting near Southend in April 1936.
Squirrel-powered Pou G-AEEH built at Bath in 1936.
Mignet flying his HM14 at Orly in October 1935.
Post-war Mignet derivative is the Croses LC-6, F-PPPI, one of a series of tandem wing designs produced in the 1960s by M. Croses
Post-war Mignet derivative is the HM293 with wings folded;
Post-war Mignet derivative is the Lederlin 380L seen at Old Warden several years ago.
Evolution: Finally, here is shown the H.M.18, intended for commercial production in France.
The HM18 flown by Mignet makes a dead stick landing at Ramsgate in August 1936.