Aeroplane Monthly 1982-07
E.Morgan - Supermarine's Air Yacht
The Supermarine Air Yacht in 1932 after its Armstrong Siddeley Jaguar engines had been changed for three 525 h.p. Armstrong Siddeley Panthers.
The Air Yacht seen after its purchase by Mrs June Jewett James and renamed Windward III. This view of the Air Yacht shows the enormous wing area and the locations of the crew cockpits forward of the Panther engines.
The Air Yacht under construction at Woolston in 1929.
The wingless Air Yacht at Woolston in January 1930, shortly before its first flight the following month. Note the name Flying Oma on the nose.
The Air Yacht on the Woolston slipway.
Supermarine 3 engined monoplane flying boat