Aeroplane Monthly 1982-07
R.Riding - The 1932 King's Cup air race
Edgar Percival's Gull G-ABUR, one of the fastest entries, only came 12th with an average speed for the course of 143 m.p.h.
The Avro Cadet of Sqn Ldr J. W. Woodhouse
THIRD IN KING'S CUP RACE AND WINNER OF SIDDELEY TROPHY: Mr. W. L. Runciman did remarkably well, and won the praise of everybody by his splendid course-keeping. He is seen coming in at the end of the race.
Third in the race was Runciman in the Puss Moth G-ABLG.
The scene at Brooklands early on the morning of Friday, July 8, 1932, shortly before the start of the day's racing with the first wave of aircraft in position.
The slowest and first machine off in the race was the Avro Avian IIIA G-ABPU flown by J. F. Legard.
Miss Winifred Brown takes off in the Avro Avian G-ABED, a special sports version
The bright yellow Avro Mailplane G-ABJM flown by H. A. Brown, who later became an Avro test pilot. This aircraft recorded the fastest speed for the race, or any previous King's Cup, of 176 m.p.h.
The sleek Segrave Meteor G-AAXP retired from the race on the second day.
FASTEST TIME: Flt. Lt. Fielden in his Comper "Swift" ("Gipsy III") awaits the signal to go. He put up the fastest time in the race, with a speed of no less than 162.25 m.p.h.
The Comper Swift G-ABWW entered by the Prince of Wales waits for timekeeper Reynolds to drop his flag. The Swift came second.
This Fox Moth, flown by Capt W. L. Hope in the 1932 contest, cheated the handicappers by averaging 124.25 m.p.h.
The victorious W. L. Hope in Fox Moth G-ABUT shortly after winning his third King’s Cup.
Lt Caspar John's Avro Monoplane G-AAYW averaged 128 m.p.h. for the race and was placed 14th.