Aeroplane Monthly 1982-07
M.Turner - Last Cat up the Amazon?
The plate, taken by the M.Turner, show the Brazilian Air Force's PBY-5 Catalina over the Amazon in Brazil earlier this year. By the time these words are read the Catalina will have made its last flight.
The Catalina banks away from the accompanying FAB Bandeirante over the Amazon jungle.
The Catalina, ungainly amidst the rain puddles at Tabatinga.
The crew of the Catalina relax on the slippery fuselage top by the open hatchwall
M.Turner looking deceptively confident perched precariously on the Catalina wing and only feet away from the piranha infested waters of the Amazon.
With wingtip floats lowered, the Catalina swishes over the tree-tops before alighting on the muddy Amazon
The Catalina makes a landing for the benefit of the author's camera.