Aeroplane Monthly 1982-10
J.Bruce - The Felixstowe flying boats (1)
John Porte in the rear cockpit of a 100 h.p. Deperdussin monoplane at Hendon in the pre-1914 period.
Standard Curtiss H-4 No 3579 at Felixstowe, with two 100 h.p. Anzani engines.
Felixstowe F.1, the Porte 1 hull in its original form with a single step. Here it has two 150 h.p. Hispano-Suiza engines, but earlier it had Anzanis. 3580
The only Curtiss H-8 to be delivered to the RNAS was given the British serial number 8650. It is seen here at Felixstowe, in a hitherto unpublished photograph.
H-4 No 3555 at rest on the water.
H-4 No 3569 with side fins on the hull. This hull originally had no step, in which form it refused to take off. A single step was therefore added 16ft 10 1/2in from the bows.
H-4 No 1231 with a Saunders hull.
The Curtiss H-1 America on Lake Keuka, New York state.
The Saunders hull sat well down in the water while taxiing.
No 3546, known as "The Incidence Boat", had an ugly hull and, as seen here, two rotary engines that appear to be Gnome Monosoupapes.
The RNAS's Curtiss flying boat No 951 at Felixstowe, probably about the autumn of 1916, with two 100 h.p. Anzani radial engines in place of the original Curtiss OX-5s. A Davis recoilless gun is mounted above the upper wing.
Felixstowe F.2. being the Porte II hull with the flight organs of the Curtiss H-8, was the original recipient of the serial number 8650.
A Felixstowe F.2 with full-length top-decking on the hull and redesigned tail unit, on the slipway at Felixstowe.
Porte Baby 9810 was used at RNAS Catfirth.
John Porte pictured beside the original version of the Porte Baby, the enormous flying boat he designed.
The first Porte Baby as originally built, with two 310 h.p. Sunbeam Cossacks and one 300 h.p. Green, all installed as pushers.
The flight deck of Porte Baby No 9810, the last Baby to be built.
A view of the hull of White & Thompson Seaplane No 1 under construction at Williams' boatyard, Littlehampton. Curtiss hulls were of similar structure.
The Porte-Pirie glider of 1908-1909.