Aeroplane Monthly 1982-10
R.Williams - Armstrong Whitworth's night bomber (3)
Whitley III of 102 Sqn.
Whitley V transport of BOAC
A trio of Whitley Vs of No 102 (Ceylon) Sqn based at RAF Driffield, photographed in April 1940.
Whitley Mk. V Z6640 of No ?? Sqn, based at RAF Middleton St George during 1941, coded EY-Y.
A Whitley V towing an Airspeed Horsa troop glider in mid-1943.
Retractable power-operated ventral turrets, housing twin .303 Browning machine guns, were installed only in Whitley Mk IIIs.
Whitley V T4336 being refuelled between operations, spring 1941.
Whitley (бортовой код G-AGDY) версии Mk V с двигателями Merlin - одна из 13 машин авиакомпании BOAC, летавших на Мальту и в Швецию в 1942-1943 годах.
G-AGDY formerly BD386, one of 15 Armstrong AW.38 Whitley 5s used by BOAC, some of which were used on the Scandinavian run for a brief period. Due to their poor performance and poor weight lifting abilities they were hastily withdrawn.
Used by BOAC as a freighter during 1942/3, Whitley V BD386 flew with the civil marks G-AGDY.
The Whitley played an important role as a glider tug from 1941. The example here, seen landing over a line of Airspeed Horsas, is Whitley V BD661.
Similarly Whitley V BD360 flew with BOAC as G-AGCF.
Whitley V of 102 Squadron, Driffield April 1940.
Whitley VII of 612 Sqn