Aeroplane Monthly 1982-10
S.Simms - New Mexico dump
North American F-86Ls, used by the USAF Air Defense Command had an all-weather capability and the type was the last variant of the Sabre fighter.
Rows of LTV F-8 Crusader fuselages. The type entered service with the US Navy in 1957.
RA-5C Vigilantes and F-8 Crusaders
Boeing B-50 Superfortress noses and fuselage sections rolling in the dust. Initially designated B-29D this variant of the World War Two bomber was powered by Wasp Major engines and had a taller fin and rudder. Most were adapted for inflight refuelling and reconnaissance duties.
Martin B-57 Canberra fuselages, the type was the first non-US design to operate with the USAF since the end of World War Two.
A row of Convair F-102 Delta Dagger fuselages. First examples of this supersonic all-weather fighter-interceptor were delivered to the USAF in mid-1955 and the F-102 was the first delta-wing aircraft to enter service with the Air Force.
Bell UH-1B 0-10782, a US Army utility helicopter lies rotorless and with its back broken.