Aeroplane Monthly 1982-11
G.Morley - The death of Rolls
Charles Rolls in full flight on the first day of the Bournemouth Meeting, July 11, 1910. The newly-fitted wheel undercarriage of his French-built Wright is conspicuous in this. The flags indicate that the wind is blowing towards the grandstand, as it was on the day of the accident.
Rolls dismounts after a flight. The bentwood chair seats are curious.
Rolls overhead, showing the newly installed rear elevator.
Just after the crash, the author's grandfather, sixth from right, rushes towards the wreckage. One of the two boys behind him is George Morley, the author's father, then aged ten.
The wreck of Rolls' Wright lies inverted on the Bournemouth soil. After the accident, flying was cancelled for the rest of the day. The moveable tail that caused the disaster is prominent in this view.
Officials cordon-off the wreckage of the Astra-Wright while St John's Ambulancemen attend to Rolls.
The aeroplanes of other Bournemouth participants are readied for flight outside their hangars. Barnes' Humber-Bleriot faces the camera, and the tail of the Hon Alan Boyle's Avis monoplane can be seen behind.