Aeroplane Monthly 1982-11
P.Jarrett - Grapevine
Sopwith 1 1/2-Strutter and Pup in the RAF Museum, Hendon
T-33 G-TJET at Gatwick.
News comes from Belgium of another Westland Lysander being restored to flying condition. The Canadian-built aircraft - probably T1530 - is in the hands of a group of 46 retired Sabena technical staff, the “Sabena Old Timers”, one of whom is reported to have experience on a B-17 as a “Colonel” in the Confederate Air Force.
English Electric P.1 WG700 was refurbished at RAF Binbrook in only six weeks. After a long spell exposed to the elements at Henlow it is now to be kept inside the hangars.
Shuttleworth's new de Havilland hangar was officially opened on August 29, 1982 by Grp Capt John Cunningham. George Ellis flew the Collection's Tiger Moth T6818 overhead in salute.
The “Luftwaffe” trainer trio is working up. Left to right, are Jungmeister G-AXIH, Jungmann G-BUCK and Steiglitz G-BAAY