Aeroplane Monthly 1982-11
G.Alington - Stirling civil servants
Stirling OO-XAS seen at Blackbushe. The letters XAS cover the large freight door.
Stirling V PK153 was an ex-46 Sqn aircraft and is seen here at Thame in 1948 with the Belgian marks OO-XAS. Though registered to Air Transport, it is not clear whether it saw service with that company.
OO-XAC, the company's first Stirling on test from RAF Polebrook, April 22, 1947. It crashed in China eight months later.
Unloading a Stirling, possibly in Egypt.
Stirling V OO-XAH was later sold in Egypt and converted back to a bomber.
Stirling OO-XAK in the livery of Air Transport.
OO-XAE taxiing out from Blackbushe. This too found its way to Egypt after service with Air Transport.
The author watching the navigator in a Stirling, airborne over the Arabian Desert en route from Nicosia to Bahrain.
Flight engineer “Caggy” Morgan.
The captain's view of the Stirling navigator.
Two views of Stirling OO-XAC after its crash at K'un-ming, China on December 22, 1947. Though the nose section was completely destroyed there was only one fatality, the second pilot.
The author's D.H.90 Dragonfly used as a hack during his period with Air Transport.