Aeroplane Monthly 1982-11
I.Best-Devereux - Oshkosh'82
STEPHEN PIERCEY’S picture depicts the EAA’s own B-17 ’85740.
Sixteen SNJs and AT-6s raise the decibel level - the other eight are not shown in this picture. The formation formed part of the daily three-hour airshow.
The six SNJ-2s of the Miller skywriting squadron lay smoke trails across the show entrance.
Not a mid-air collision but NASA's AD-1 slewed wing prototype, in the air
NASA's AD-1 slewed wing prototype on the ground.
Wing walkers, particularly pretty female ones, still attract airshow crowds; Stearmans usually provide their perches.
Carl Swanson and Jerry Thornhill completed this Siemens-Schuckert D.IV, powered by a 160 h.p. Gnome rotary, last October. Its steel tube fuselage is ply covered to simulate the monocoque structure of the original.
The diminutive twin engined CriCri looking like an overgrown model aeroplane.
A handful of Quickies from the Rutan stable
The one-off Rutan STOL Grizzly aircraft built to explore high lift devices on tandem wings can fly at 35kt and, it is claimed, can land in twice its own length.
This maroon and gold Stinson SM.6000 provided joyflights at $16 a head and is one of two still flying.
The sole airworthy Stinson Model A trimotor, N15165.
The neat little two-seat Taylor Bird, designed by the creator of the Taylor Cub, now sports a T-tail.
STEPHEN PIERCEY’S picture depicts a car passenger transferring to a CUBy
A Swallow B homebuilt kit with cables swaged, holes drilled and with all parts finished.