Aeroplane Monthly 1982-11
J.Bruce - The Felixstowe flying boats (2)
No 8658, a standard Curtiss H-12 is seen at Felixstowe in 1917
Curtiss H-12B N4332 photographed at the Isle of Grain, February 15, 1918.
Curtiss H-12B (N4344, if the number painted on the beaching trolley is relevant) with overwing gun positions and double-yoked Lewis guns at all visible points.
Curtiss H-16 N4892. The H-16 was simply the F.2A built by Curtiss.
A Curtiss H-12 wearing the accoutrements of war.
The flight deck of Curtiss H-12B N4332
Felixstowe F.2A N4566 with open cockpits and horn-balanced ailerons. This version has sometimes been referred to as the F.2B.
Felixstowe F.3 N4259 which was built by Dick, Kerr & Co.
The original Felixstowe F.5, N90, being manhandled at the Isle of Grain.
The F.2C, later numbered N65.
A converted Curtiss H-12 with a Porte-type hull. 8677
The production F.5 N4637. This flying boat was built by the Gosport Aviation Co., to which John Porte went as chief designer.
A Felixstowe F.3 hull under construction in Boulton and Paul's Norwich works.
Photograph of the interior of the aft portion of an F.3 hull built by Dick, Kerr & Co., Ltd., of Preston.
Felixstowe F.2A N4510 at the Isle of Grain on February 15, 1918.
The flight deck of F.2A N4510
The hull of the wrecked F.2C beached at Grain, March 14, 1918.
Felixstowe F 3