Air International 1996-03
R.Shaw - Greenlandair - the Community Airline
Landing on its trailer outside its hangar at Nuuk is Bell 206B JetRanger OY-HDJ Nerleq. On this occasion the passengers are a couple of hunters.
During the winter months Bell 212s provide many small villages and communities with essential provisions.
Resplendent in the company livery and dwarfed by a Dash 7 is the company flying club’s Cessna 172P OY-CFJ Aqisseq.
Taxiing for departure at Sondre Stromfjord/Kangerlussuaq is Dash 7 OY-CBU Nipiki, the Greenlandic word for ‘silent’.
Yet to be fully painted in the company livery is Dash 7 OY-GRD Sapangaq which was acquired from Abu Dhabi during 1994. The name Sapangaq translates to ‘Pearl’, which was the name give to the aircraft by its previous operator.
The only other fixed wing operator in Greenland is Suluit Air which operates a single Cessna 208 Caravan 1 (OY-IRP) which is available for charter from its base at Nuuk. Note the Greenland flag on the vertical stabiliser on the tailplane.
Sikorsky S-61Ns, OY-HAH Tuluqaq - one of four of the type which Greenlandair uses primarily for linking airports to surrounding settlements.