Air International 2022-05
T.Batchelor - All at sea
The S-92's weather-related safety assurances include main and tail rotor ice protection, as well as lightning protection
There are about 200 S-92s in service and the type is on track to reach 2 million flight hours by June 2022
A Bristow S-92 being refuelled with sustainable aviation fuel at Aberdeen airport. This was one of the first SAF-powered flights to an offshore operation on the UK Continental Shelf
Five Airbus H135s cover 55,500 km2 on behalf of the UK’s largest electricity distribution network operator
Manufacturers continue to address their environmental footprint: Leonardo’s fleet is compatible with 50% blended sustainable aviation fuel
Crew safety remains a priority given the often-tricky offshore conditions in which they operate
Established in 2020, NHV’s Blackpool base is ideal for work with the offshore platforms in the energy-rich Irish Sea
The AW189 is designed for long range, all-weather, day and night, deep water missions typical of offshore operations
Airbus Helicopters and Shell Aircraft have been working closely to put the H160 into service for offshore transportation