Airbus H160 / X4
Страна: International
Год: 2015

The first H160 airborne near Marignane during one of its early test flights.
Airbus Helicopters launched the H160's flight test campaign with prototype aircraft PT1 in June 2015.
The H160 has attained 175kts and 10,000ft during its testing, Airbus Helicopters reports.
Shenzhen Eastern will become the launch customer in China for the Airbus Corporate Helicopters ACH160 helicopter.
The two Airbus Helicopters H160 test aircraft have now completed more than 200 hours of flight testing. They have validated the new twin-engine type's aero medical configuration and confirmed key aspects of the type’s design.
An Airbus Helicopters H160 flight test helicopter pictured during icing trials recently. Type certification is expected in the fourth quarter of 2019, paving the way for deliveries of the corporate ACH160 variant.
The sale of the Airbus Corporate Helicopters ACH160 to an undisclosed customer in the Philippines will mark the debut of the type in the region.
The first two H160 flight test aircraft photographed together over the Mediterranean. They will be joined by a third example in 2017.
H160s PT1 and PT2.
Airbus Helicopters and Shell Aircraft have been working closely to put the H160 into service for offshore transportation
THE FIRST serial H160 medium helicopter, F-WWOR, visited Airbus’ Albacete facility on November 19, 2019 - where the company has one of its Main Component Assembly (MCA) lines.
AIRBUS HELICOPTERS announced the maiden flight of the first serial production H160 helicopter, which occurred at Marignane on December 14, 2018.
ALSO AT FIDAE 2018, Airbus Helicopters announced it had signed an order from an undisclosed customer in Brazil for the sale of one H160 helicopter. The helicopter will be used for private and business operations and the contract marks the first sale of Airbus Helicopters' new H160 in the Latin American market.
20 июля 2020г. компания Airbus Helicopters проинформировала о завершении сертификации многоцелевого двухдвигательного вертолета H160 с получением сертификата типа, выданного Европейским агентством EASA. Кроме того, производитель ожидает, что сертификация Федеральной авиационной администрацией США будет проведена в конце этого года, незадолго до поставки вертолета первому американскому клиенту.
The H160 gained EASA certification in July 2020 after an extensive trials programme. Airbus Corporate Helicopters expects to deliver the first ACH160 into North America soon
Airbus Helicopters’ civil helicopters range
Airbus Helicopter's third H160 prototype PT3 is now painted in a high-gloss livery dubbed by the company as carbon and designed as a nod to the second Airbus A350 XWB flight-test aircraft F-WWCF (msn 002). The link between the two types: both are produced using advanced composite materials supplied by Airbus' long-term partner Hexcel. The H160 is the first civil helicopter equipped with a full composite fuselage
A striking image showing the articulation of the H160’s biplane stabilizer and canted Fenestron.
AIRBUS HELICOPTERS announced on April 12, 2018, that its Fenestron shrouded tail rotor concept has celebrated the 50th anniversary of its maiden flight.
The first pre-serial H160 has been fitted with its rear fuselage, the first major component assembly having been pre-assembled in Albacete, Spain.
Airbus Helicopters has added a third H160 to its test fleet, aircraft PT3 registered as F-WWPA.
The French Navy H160
The H160M will be used by all three branches of the French armed forces.
A Safran Turbomeca Arrano engine on prototype H160 PT2 F-WWPL. Rated between 1,110 to 1,300shp (816 to 882kW), the Arrano is designed to equip single and multi-engine helicopters in the light single two to three, and medium twin four to six-tonne classes.
The cockpit arrangement on the H160 mock-up at Heli Expo 2015 is considerably different to the original concept of the X4 programme.
The H160's cockpit features four 6 x 8-inch touchscreens designed to ease the pilots' workload and subsequently lead to safer operations.
3 марта 2015г. в США на авиасалоне Heli-Expo 2015 (Орландо, шт. Флорида) компания Airbus Helicopter (ранее Aerospatiale) представила новейший вертолет Airbus H160, известный также как проект X4. Он относится к 6-тонному классу винтокрылой техники и рассчитан на перевозку до 12 пассажиров. Разработка H160 началась в 2013 г., его первый полет запланирован на этот год, а поставки серийных машин ожидаются с 2018 г.
Beautiful lines are found all over the H160.
A H160 mock-up was displayed at the Paris Air Show.
The Fenestron-covered tail rotor is the largest of any on an Airbus Helicopter and has been ‘double canted' to a 12° angle to improve anti-torque control.
The Fenestron shrouded tail-rotor in the H160 is the largest of its type fitted to a helicopter.
27 мая 2019г. министр Вооруженных сил Франции Florence Parly (Флоранс Парли) объявила, что запуск программы HIL (Helicoptere Interarmees Leger - Объединенный легкий вертолет) перенесен на 2021 г., а начало поставок первых машин на 2026 г. Для этой программы в 2017 г. был выбран вертолет Airbus Helicopters H160 с максимальной взлетной массой около 6 т. На его основе создается многоцелевой военный вариант H160M Guepard (Гепард). Силовики Франции планируют закупить не менее 169 таких аппаратов (80 для армейской авиации, 49 для флота и 40 для ВВС). Полноразмерный макет H160M стал экспонатом Министерства Вооруженных сил Франции на Paris Air Show 2019.
A H160M mock-up pictured in 2020
Babcock is the global launch customer for the H160 after signing a five-year frame agreement for the purchase of a fleet of H160s destined for emergency medical services and other critical service missions.
Infographic of the H160M destined for the three French armed services.