Air International 2018-10
I.Frain - H160 The new green helicopter /Commercial/
A striking image showing the articulation of the H160’s biplane stabilizer and canted Fenestron.
AIRBUS HELICOPTERS announced on April 12, 2018, that its Fenestron shrouded tail rotor concept has celebrated the 50th anniversary of its maiden flight.
The first pre-serial H160 has been fitted with its rear fuselage, the first major component assembly having been pre-assembled in Albacete, Spain.
A Safran Turbomeca Arrano engine on prototype H160 PT2 F-WWPL. Rated between 1,110 to 1,300shp (816 to 882kW), the Arrano is designed to equip single and multi-engine helicopters in the light single two to three, and medium twin four to six-tonne classes.
H160s PT1 and PT2.
The H160's cockpit features four 6 x 8-inch touchscreens designed to ease the pilots' workload and subsequently lead to safer operations.
Babcock is the global launch customer for the H160 after signing a five-year frame agreement for the purchase of a fleet of H160s destined for emergency medical services and other critical service missions.
Infographic of the H160M destined for the three French armed services.