Air International 2018-10
S.Dworkin - A tradition of service /Parapublic/
The Los Angeles Sheriff's Department provides helicopter search and rescue using three AS332 L1 Super Pumas.
Inside the Sheriff's Department Aero Bureau hangar at Long Beach Airport.
The Super Puma Block I upgrade included the installation of the fully-digital, four-axis gyro-stabilised Axsys V9 Thermal Imager and Camera System.
Two of the Aero Bureau's 18 helicopters, which is the largest fleet operated by any Sheriff's Department in the United States.
Two Turbomeca Makila 1A1 engines power the Super Pumas, each offering 1,877shp (1,376kW) power.
The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department Aero Bureau helicopters cover a large territory, from urban areas to the coastline, up to the highest elevations of the Angeles National Forest and to desert communities.
A Heli-One Patient Litter System allows the Super Pumas to transport multiple patients at one time, and a Goodrich AC electric hoist is installed for rescue winching operations.
Twelve AS350 B2 A-Stars operate the bulk of the Department's patrol missions.
Aero Bureau AS350 B2 A-Stars, purchased in 2010, are equipped to a common standard, with the latest technology to aid in their airborne law enforcement role.
Crews on the AS350 B2 A-Stars assist ground units in pursuit management, conducting searches and acting as an overhead tactical communications platform.