Air International 2018-10
E.Calcagno - Flying to Antarctica by Hercules /Military/
C-130B FAU 591 seen during a brief pause at the Chilean base Tte. Marsh, King George Island.
TOP: The Chilean Tte. Marsh base and aerodrome are utilised by FAU C-130 aircraft to supply the Uruguayan Artigas Base, located 2.15nm west of the aerodrome. BOTTOM: A hard job for the aerotecnicos (technicians); inspection of the Allison T56 engine and propellers during harsh meteorological conditions in Antarctica.
Argentine personnel at Marambio get ready for the flight back to the continent on FAU 591.
Landing run into the Chilean Tte. Marsh airfield in King George island. The base is located 2.15nm (4km) from the Uruguayan Artigas Base.
In the cruise, with a southerly heading, a FAU pilot finds a moment to relax on the way to the White Continent.
The final approach into the Chilean airfield Tte. Rodolfo Marsh in King George Island, viewed from a FAU C-130B.
FAU 591 taxying northbound on the Chilean Tte. Marsh runway, prior to a flight back to the main continent. Note the floating iceberg ahead, and the tower of the Trinidad Church at the 11 o'clock position.