Air International 2018-09
R.Yanez, A.Rodriguez - Draken's Supersonic aggressors /Military/
The entry into service of the Mirage F1M will allow Draken to better support the US Air Force at Nellis Air Force Base as part of the ADAIR (Adversary Air) II contract.
In this view taken in July 2018 one can see seven Mirage F1Ms parked on the MAESAL ramp awaiting disassembly. The former Qatari Mirage F1DDA two-seater visible amongst them is to be preserved at the Spanish Museo del Aire at Cuatro Vientos.
Serial number C.14-04 was one of the first Mirage F1CEs to arrive in Spain, it was upgraded to F1M standard. This aircraft was included as part of the sale to serve as a source of spares for the rest of the fleet.
The package of Mirage F1Ms acquired by Draken from Spain includes 11 aircraft fitted with inflight refuelling probes - in this photo is one of the group, serial number C.14-63.
The work of disassembling the Mirage F1Ms is being undertaken at Albacete with the support of the Ejercito del Aire.
TOP: Packed and ready for transport by road to Valencia port, C14-67/14-39 is seen here on its shipping jig covered by a protective bag.
BOTTOM: After having been disassembled, Mirage F1M C14-70/14-42 is being prepared for the long sea voyage to Florida. In the background is one of the two Albacete Air Base shelters temporarily used by Draken.
During the years that the aircraft were stored at Albacete some equipment was removed for preservation.
Mirage F1 CE.14-87/14-73 was the last of the Ejercito del Aire two-seat aircraft modernized in the year 2000.