Air International 2018-09
L.Mennes, F.Visser - Going tactical /Military/
A 336 Squadron C-130H participated in last year’s Fighter Weapons Instructor Training course hosted at Leeuwarden Air Base. The Herk not only supported the fighter course but also the Transport Weapons Instructor Training course. C-130H G-781 is seen fitted with two ALQ-131 electronic countermeasures pods; one on each outer, underwing pylon.
To prepare for special ops missions C-130 crew practise unpaved landings at a beach in Denmark.
Royal Netherlands Air Force C-130s have not executed unpaved landings in a way like they did during their deployment in Afghanistan making practise an essential part of the annual pilot training programme.
Loading cargo on to a 334 Squadron C-130H-30 at Kabul back in 2006 as part of NATO's International Security Assistance Force.
To practise parachute and cargo dropping a Royal Netherlands Air Force C-130H from 336 Squadron participated in this past winter's Exercise Real Thaw in Portugal.
This 334 Squadron C-130H-30 is seen waiting at Groningen-Eelde Airport prior to a para-dropping mission over northern Holland.
In 2006 a RNLAF C-130H-30 from 334 Squadron deployed to Kabul International Airport to support Dutch and ISAF troops.
Combined operations between Dutch Herks and AH-64D Apaches are just one option for special ops missions. The helicopters secure an area for the C-130 to land safely.
Para dropping during Exercise Real Thaw in Portugal.