Air International 2018-09
B.Taghvaee - New claws for the Persian Cats /Military/
F-14A 3-6060 is one of four Tomcats modified to carry MIM-23B Hawk I missiles under Project Sedjil. This picture was taken in 1992.
The Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force has 62 F-14s remaining in its inventory, but due to cost and financial constraints just one third of them remain operational.
The first group of pre-production series AIM-23B Fakkour semi-active radar homing air-to-air missiles at the Babaiee Missile Industries Company facility on July 23, 2018.
The AIM-23B Fakkour is an upgraded MIM-23B Shahin missile formed and shaped like an AIM-54A Phoenix to enable a Tomcat fighter to carry six missiles simultaneously.
A small number of overhauled and upgraded Hughes AIM-54A Phoenix long-range air-to-air missiles remain the the IRIAF's arsenal. The Phoenix missiles will be replaced by the Maghsoud in the 2020s.
F-14A 3-6045 seen in its former colours a year before modernization to F-14AM standard.
Currently, the AIM-7E Sparrow and AIM-9J Sidewinder air-to-air missiles are the primary weapons for the IRIAF's Tomcat fleet.
F-14AM 3-6049 heading back to its shelter after a training flight in February 2014.
The second modernized F-14AM in splinter colors.
F-14AM serial number 3-6049 was the highlight of the 2016 Kish Air Show.
F-14AM 3-6049 on its first functional check flight on January 18, 2012 at Mehrabad International Airport following overhaul and modernization.