Air International 2018-09
A.Mladenov, K.Grozev - An-225 Mriya. Heavy lift dream machine /Commercial/
Big cranes. Big cargo. Big aircraft.
The Mriya is capable of carrying a payload weighing up to 247 tonnes.
The An-225 is available for airlifting unique pieces of cargo beyond the economic capability of an An-124.
The Mryia has a twin-fin empennage introduced to render it capable of transporting large-size loads, a capability not used since the monster’s introduction to commercial service in 2001.
The six D-18T Series 3 turbofans burn an average of 20 tonnes per hour in cruise flight, which is twice that of the four-engine An-124. During the first hour of flight fuel consumption can be as high as 30 tonnes.
The 640-tonne flying monster was heavily-refurbished, test-flown and received its type certificate in June 2001; this effort is believed to have cost Antonov and partners in excess of $20 million.
This 1980s photo shows the Mryia carrying the Buran re-usable space shuttle vehicle.