Air International 2018-09
M.Broadbent - BelugaXL /Commercial/
The BelugaXL is 6.9m (22ft 6in) longer and 1.7m (5ft 5in) wider than the first-generation aircraft.
One of the initial air-to-air studies of the first A330-743L BelugaXL during its July 19, 2018 maiden flight from Toulouse.
Six BelugaXLs will be introduced to service over the next few years.
A new structural addition are ventral fins on the aft fuselage to help provide stability.
Deharde in partnership with P3 Voith Aerospace designed and built the cargo hold and Stelia Aerospace the nose fuselage and main cargo door.
The BelugaXL's horizontal tailplane box is wider and the auxiliary vertical end-fins taller than on the BelugaST.
One difference in the BelugaXL's structure from its predecessor is a 50% larger dorsal fin with a kink in the diagonal line.