Air International 2018-10
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A Rafale B with two Royal Australian Air Force F/A-18s during Pitch Black 2018.
The MiG-AT is a possible solution to Russia's requirement for an affordable yet capable replacement of the Aero L-39C to be fielded in service in the late 2020s.
An AC-130U Spooky gunship from the 4th Special Operations Squadron waits to taxi during live fire close air support operations during Exercise Emerald Warrior at Hurlburt Field, Florida. Earlier this year, an AC-130 was the target of the first combat use of a cyber weapons attack against an aircraft, over Syria.
The Armee de l'Air A400M fleet reached 10,000 flying hours on September 7, 2018, yet during the first semester of 2018 only three out of the 14 French A400Ms were serviceable.
The Russian Air and Space Force is set to receive five upgraded Il-22M11s by the end of 2021.
Three Mirage 2000Ns will continue to fly with the DGA-EV at BA125 Istres.
Mil's Mi-8AMTSh-VN is designed with the lessons learned by Russia's armed forces during its involvement in the devastating war in Syria.
The Shenyang J-15 is China's sole carrier-borne fighter based on the Russian Sukhoi Su-33 airframe.
J-15 111 being pushed to its parking spot on the flight deck of the Chinese aircraft carrier Liaoning.
The first prototype J-15D - also known as the J-17 - flew in October 2016 and is similar to the People’s Liberation Army Air Force J-16D, which features two large electronic support measures/electronic intelligence gathering pods mounted on the wingtip stations, and several conformal antennas.
The People’s Liberation Army Navy Aviation has conducted night operations since late-2017.
J-15T prototype flew for the first time in July 2016 powered by two indigenous WS-10H engines. This variant features a nose strengthened landing gear with a launch bar.
Five J-15s on the forward flight deck of the Liaoning and aircraft 116 in the foreground.
Shenyang is working on a carrier-based variant of the FC-31 fighter powered by two WS-19 turbofan engines.
The carrier-based variant of the FC-31 fighter.
The F-35 Lightning II has been designed from the outset to operate in the cyber domain, both offensively and defensively.
A Royal Australian Air Force F-35A Lightning II at Luke Air Force Base, Arizona.