Air International 2018-10
R.Niccoli - Multirole Typhoon /Military/
TLG 31 personnel undertake load training with a GBU-48.
Two of the Typhoons detached to Lulea Air Base, Sweden to use the test range at Vidsel in September 2017. The Luftwaffe deployed Typhoons to Sweden to qualify employment of the GBU-48 dual-mode precision-guided munition. Each aircraft is loaded with a different GBU-48 payload; four munitions on the aircraft nearest the camera and two on the furthest jet.
A Typhoon assigned to TLG 31 loaded with one live GBU-48 precision-guided bomb on a mission to the Fort Irwin National Training Center range during Exercise Green Flag West 2018-07.
Colonel Stefan Kleinheyer is the current commanding officer of TLG 31 based at Norvenich Air Base.
TLG 31 Typhoons onn the last chance check ramp before a training mission from Norvenich Air Base.
A pair of Tranche 2 Typhoons assigned to TLG 31 configured for the air defence mission loaded with underwing fuel tanks and IRIS-T missiles.
TLG 31 Typhoon 31+35 at Vidsel in September 2017, loaded with four inert GBU-48s.