Air International 2008-02
C.Thompson - A Day in the Life of a NetJets Pilot /Commercial/
NetJets Inc pioneered its concept of fractional ownership starting in 1986 in the US. NetJets Europe was established in 1998 and a similar operation was set up for the Middle East in 1999. Pictured is a Gulfstream IV-SP belonging to the US side of the company.
This photo of the interior of one of the company's Gulfstream Vs illustrates the luxury experienced by NetJets' customers.
Fractional ownership programmes such as that operated by NetJets are becoming increasingly popular. Clients purchase a share in a new aircraft, which guarantees them a certain amount of flight hours. When they request the aircraft, it - or one of the same type or better - will be made available.
NetJets Europe is Europe's largest operator of business jets, with a fleet of 132 aircraft. One of the ten types it uses is pictured - a Dassault Falcon 2000.
NetJets customers have chosen to buy shares in a wide variety of different sizes of aircraft, such as this Boeing BBJ which is operated by the US part of the company.
NetJets pilots can expect to fly into a wide variety of airports, from small airfields to international hubs. This NetJets Citation 560XL is pictured at Innsbruck in Austria.