Aeroplane Monthly 1985-08
H.O'Neil - Who's for Hudsons? (2)
A Hudson patrolling the North Sea during the summer of 1942.
Informal gathering around a 206 Squadron Hudson at RAF Bircham Newton during the summer of 1940.
224 Squadron Battle Flight en route from RAF Leuchars to Andalsnes on April 23, 1940, with the author leading in Hudson N7264.
Two views of a 224 Squadron ground crewman assessing the damage to the port wing of Hudson N7264 at Wick on April 23, 1940.
Hudson N7264 at Wick after returning from Andalsnes on April 23, 1940. The 224 Squadron crew are, from left to right, AC Court, LAC McGhie, Plt Off Rothwell and the author.