Aeroplane Monthly 1985-08
B.Johnson - Flugkapitan Hanna Reitsch. 1914-1979 (3)
Hanna Reitsch poses with the crew of her Dornier Do 17 during a visit to KG 77 in France during the winter of 1940-41.
A Troika-Schlepp (triple tow) well under way from Leipheim.
An Me 321 Gigant being towed out of Leipheim by three Bf 110C fighters.
A dramatic shot of an Me 321 Gigant being towed into the air by a Junkers Ju 90 at Leipheim.
An early production Me 321A (single cockpit) being towed out for flight trials at Leipheim.
The cockpit of the Me 321A with trim wheels and large control wheel visible.
Hanna Reitsch talks to Luftwaffe technical officers at Tempelhof, Berlin, upon completion of her 108km marathon from Stendal to Berlin.
Hanna Reitsch holding the Fa 61 V2 at the hover during rehearsals in the Deutschlandhalle in Berlin in 1938.
This photograph of the Seeadler (Sea Eagle) arrived too late for publication in the July issue. Hanna Reitsch made several successful flights in this waterborne glider.
This photograph of a DFS Kranich glider was taken at Kempten-Durach, Bavaria in the summer of 1944.