Air Enthusiast 1973-03
Newest airline livery to appear on the Lockheed TriStar is that of Air Canada, whose first aircraft was delivered in January 1973
SIAI-Marchetti reports that Phase 1 testing of the SF.260W Warrior has recently been completed. The Warrior is an armed and strengthened version of the SF.260 MX, and is illustrated here with underwing rocket pods.
The US Navy is at present evaluating two Kaman YSH-2E Seasprites in development of the so-called Mk 111 configuration of LAMPS (Light Airborne Multi-Purpose System). The major difference between this model and the SH-2D already in service as Mk 1 LAMPS is the installation of Texas Instruments APS 122 search radar in the nose fairing shown here. Kaman has recently received Navy authorization to modify 25 more Seasprites for interim LAMPS operation, following 20 SH-2Ds already delivered.
When a French aircraft industry delegation visited Moscow recently, its members were shown Tupolev Tu-144 production at the Voronezh factory, about ten aircraft being seen in various stages of assembly. Almost ready to fly was what was described as the first production aircraft: having the same new features displayed by the development aircraft, this Tu-144 also displayed retractable foreplanes, similar in operation and purpose to those fitted to the Dassault-Breguet Milan