Air International 1980-12
??? - The last of the Whirlwinds
Two of No 84 Squadron "A" Flight's quartet of Whirlwind HAR Mk 10s that primarily fulfil the SAR role from RAF Akrotiri. It will be noted that each of the helicopters is marked (on the tail rotor arm) with the symbol of one of the four suits of playing cards.
The Whirlwinds of "B" Flight carry no RA F insignia but sport the Scorpion emblem of No 84 Squadron on a pale blue field on each side of the fuselage nose.
На Кипре вертолеты Westland Whirlwind из 84-й эскадрильи действовали в интересах сил ООН, размещенных между турецкими и греческими войсками. В 1981 году эскадрилью перевооружили вертолетами Wessex.
A Whirlwind approaches the small gravel-covered helipad of one of the DANCON observation posts. Situated on hilltops that are virtually inaccessible to anything but a helicopter (or a goat), the observation posts supplied by "B” Flight demand a high level of helicoptering skill from its crews.
A Whirlwind HAR Mk 10 of No 84 Squadron's “B" Flight taking-off from the otherwise unused Nicosia Airport for a resupply flight to DANCON observation posts in the buffer zone
A Whirlwind HAR Mk 10 of No 84 Squadron's “B" Flight during a rapid turnaround at the DANCON Charlie Company camp at Limnitis, a Turkish enclave.