Air International 1982-09
??? - A Whale of a Fighter... The Su-7 in IAF Service
An early series Su-7BM in Czechoslovak service
A pre-series Su-7B now serving as an exhibit at the Monino Academy.
One of the S-22 prototypes, productionised versions of the S-2, which preceded series manufacture of the Su-7B.
Камуфлированный Су-7БМК соседствует с серебристой "спаркой"
An Su-7BM with quartet of drop tanks plus rocket pods on outboard pylons and an Su-7UM used for conversion and proficiency training at squadron level.
Индийский Су-7УМК
The Su-7UM tandem two-seater offers, somewhat surprisingly, a better view from the rear cockpit than from that at the front, a periscope being employed at speeds below 375 mph (600 km/h).
An Su-7BM of No 222 Sqn "The Killers" showing clearly the three-colour camouflage scheme standardised by the IAF in recent years.
An Su-7BM of No 32 Sqn sporting decorative tail striping.
The Su-7BM of W/C A C “Ajax" Sanhu, OC No 32 Sqn “The Thunderbirds", used for simulated combat with a MiG-21 in February during Golden Jubilee celebrations
Su-7BMs of No 222 Sqn.
On touchdown it is mandatory to deploy the twin braking chutes of the Su-7BM, as seen here, and these are extremely effective, experienced pilots hardly using brakes except when turning off the runway.
An Su-7BM deploying its twin braking chutes on landing.
A pilot boarding his Su-7BM which urn initially considered by the IAF to be a somewhat "oversize"’ aircraft in view of its modest warload-range capability.
An Su-7BM seen immediately prior to an air test. It is to be noted that the Sukhoi is rarely flown without its twin fuselage drop tanks.
An Su-7 with 57-mm rocket pods and paired underfuselage drop tanks rotating for take-off.
Готовые к вылету Су-7БМК на одном из индийских аэродромов
A line-up of Su-7BMs of No 222 Sqn "The Killers", one of the two remaining IAF squadrons operating the Sukhoi ground attack fighter which, at the peak of its Indian service equipped six squadrons.
Sukhoi Su-7BM Fitter-A
The I-3U, alias I-380, developed by the Mikoyan-Gurevich design bureau in competition with the Su-7.