Air International 1983-10
Fighter A to Z
A Kawasaki Ki-61-I-Otsu Hien fighter of the 244th Sentai.
The Kawasaki Ki-96 single-seat twin-engined fighter, in its definitive (third prototype) form.
Кавасаки Ки.100-I-ко 59-го Сентай, 1945г.
The Ki-100-l-Ko, with the original cockpit/rear fuselage configuration
The Ki-100-I-Otsu with cut-down rear fuselage.
The Kawasaki Ki-100-I-Otsu, which was the final production version of the Type 5 fighter evolved from the Ki-61.
A prototype of the Kawasaki Ki-102 in the ground-attack configuration
The Ki-102-Ko high-altitude interceptor.
The Kawasaki Ki-64, of which only a single prototype was built, development being abandoned after five flights.